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Embrace Balance, Inside and Out

Delve into a world where stress and the hustle of daily life gently fade away, replaced by a sense of calm, focus, balance, and clarity.

The approach used by Maryem, Founder of the Bermudaful Centre for Mindfulness, is deeply rooted in scientific research and real-world applicability, ensuring that your experience is not only rejuvenating but also enriching and educational.

The no-fluff, no-overwhelm approach is intentionally simple yet rich so that you may find practical solutions to your everyday life challenges.

Come in and learn tools and techniques to integrate mindfulness seamlessly into your daily routine.


I’m Maryem, a busy-busy bee on this planet. Like many of you, my life is a whirlwind of tasks and deadlines.

For far too long, it felt like I was always running, trying to catch up, and weighing myself down with stress and worry. It seemed that this might just be what my life was: overloaded, stretching to meet the next demand, never finding time to breathe, to look around and enjoy the moment.

Then, I discovered the world of contemplative practices, starting with Yoga and meditation... Through steady practice, I’ve found a deeper connection. While still juggling many personal and professional pursuits, I now also live in the moment and invest in the future, feeling balanced, playful, and joyous in sharing this journey.

I dedicate my heart's work to supporting a holistic, life-affirming environment for all. I aim to assist seekers in discovering and maintaining balance and stability as they navigate life. I want us all to celebrate and to serve, with kindness and wisdom, ourselves, others, and the planet.

That's my purpose - and that of the Bermudaful Centre for Mindfulness.

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3rd Annual Heritage Month Series

Bermuda Roof Traditional

I'm excited to blend my deep passion for both yoga and for Bermuda by leading once again the third yearly community yoga series in celebration of Bermuda's Heritage Month.

Register and join us every Saturday in May at 11.00am!

Together we will explore ways to breathe, move, and find peace and balance together, using simple but valuable practices of movement and breath.


Interfaith/Inter-Contemplative Spiritual Companionship

Women Sitting on a Black Leather Couch Having a Conversation

Interfaith/Inter-contemplative companionship (also known as spiritual guidance and spiritual direction) is an approach that embraces and honours the wisdom and practices of multiple spiritual and religious traditions.

As your spiritual companion in training, I have studied the major world faiths and contemplative practices and continue to do so. This helps me to foster a deepened understanding and experience of spirituality that transcends individual religious boundaries.

This equips me to walk alongside you in a supportive and open way,

as you explore your own spirituality and gain spiritual insights into

your own spiritual journey.

I walk alongside you. I follow your lead. I support a holistic

and inclusive path to your spiritual growth and understanding.

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Lotus flower linear illustration

Mindful Moments with Mayouti

Do you keep hearing about the benefits of meditation but don’t know where to start? Dive in and experience the transformative power of mindfulness.

Every week, join me for a fluff-free, easy-to-follow, short guided meditation filled with valuable insights and practical techniques to help you create mindful moments throughout your day.

Enhance your well-being and cultivate a consistent meditation practice: these mindful moments are tools you can keep in your toolbox and use whenever you need them.

Follow the Mindful Moments with Mayouti podcast and download episodes on the major podcasting platforms (and on many others) today!

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The Science of Mindfulness

90% of all doctor visits can be attributed to stress-related complaints.

67% of employees report burnout at work.

51% of long-term sick leave is due to stress, depression, or anxiety.

Joining a mindfulness programme results in a 28% reduction in stress,

20% better sleep, and 19% less pain.

When yoga and meditation combine into mindfulness, they lower

stress levels and improve productivity.

A mindset of mindfulness boosts productivity and

overall well-being.

With me, you learn mindfulness in a fluff-free way to

successfully navigate stress and enjoy an improved

quality of life.

Some Answers To Some Questions

WHAT Is InterFaith spiritual guidance?

As an interfaith/inter-contemplative spiritual guide or “companion,” I am here to help you reflect on and understand your spiritual journey.

I walk alongside you and offer support and guidance without judgment. My goal is to aid in your personal spiritual growth.

As a professional, I am bound by a Code of Ethics and a Client Bill of Rights that I can share with you at our intake meeting.

What do we do when we meet?

This experience is fully yours, driven by you.

Our meetings can involve exploring your beliefs, values, and experiences in the context of a spiritual framework, which may or may not be tied to a specific religion.

The goal is often to foster within you a deeper sense of meaning, peace, and alignment with your true self and your spiritual and/or religious beliefs.



You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to practice. In class, you will be given options for modifications and the use of props to make sure the poses work for you and your body where you are today. The important part is to be kind to yourself and to be willing to try.


If you need to cancel a yoga class or a Spiritual Guidance session for which you registered, you can get a credit - redeem it by attending the following scheduled session. Your credit will expire after that. To claim the credit, email your cancellation message no less than 24 hours before we are to meet.

No credits are extended for late cancellations.


Yes, drop-in students are always welcome to my yoga classes, based on availability. A drop-in yoga class is $25. A 10-class bundle is $225.

There are no drop-ins for Spiritual Guidance sessions.


Plan to arrive 5 minutes before the start of class time to give your self time to get set up and settle on your mat.

If you’re coming in a few minutes late, make your way into the space quietly and join in.

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Yoga Student Reviews

“Maryem encourages you to go at your own pace. The movements are always just what you need.” -Jamillah

“Thank you for today. I really enjoyed your pacing, tone, and the way you explained what we were doing with the benefits.” - Selica

“Maryem is a kind and expert teacher. Her classes have improved my balance, strength and flexibility, helping me turn the clock back against players half my age!” - Peter

“Maryem is an amazing yoga guide. She sets a calm and open atmosphere that caters to all levels of experience. Can't wait to work with her again!” - Camille

“Maryem embodies what you want in your yoga instructor: peace, openness, knowledge and mindfulness.

She underlines her focus on the breath and explains the physicality or the practice, grounded in yogic principles.

She adjusts postures when necessary and gives options for different levels of experience and ability.

I recommend Maryem without hesitation. Go see for yourself!”